Reopen Plan

In Person Services resume May 3, 2020 @ 11am

Hello Church Family,

 After much consideration of your feelings, prayer, and discussion here is what we have decided will happen beginning this Sunday:

  1. This Sunday we will be continuing our Zoom bible class at 9:30 we hope all will attend
  2. We believe that everyone should be afforded the opportunity to move forward as they see fit. This means that we will open our church doors on Sunday May 3rd @ 11am for anyone who desires to come with the following stipulations.
  3. No one should attend who feels uncomfortable or considered to be high risk. (If you would like or need a special service for your demographic we will accommodate)
  4. Everyone will wear a mask upon entry and exit or anytime they are moving about the building (once you are seated you may remove or keep your mask on)
  5. There will be a person at both doors to open them for those who arrive. (The parking lot door will be locked at 11:00 all who come after that will be required to use the front door)
  6. You will pick up your individually wrapped communion cup and wafer upon entry.
  7. There will be a tray at both entrances for offering so that we do not have to pass a plate.
  8. There will be hand sanitizer in both bathrooms and at both entrances
  9. If you use the bathroom we require that you use the readily available wipes to wipe down all surfaces that you touch and properly discard the wipe. (We will shorten our service and hope that we can, as much as possible, refrain from using the Restrooms)
  10. There will be no coffee/donut service
  11. The live service will be streamed on Youtube you can find it here
  12. Everyone who wishes to attend will also commit to being a part of making this happen. i.e. Set-up, tear down, cleaning, etc.

I would like to reiterate that everyone should make this decision carefully. We will continue to do all we can to protect and serve all of our members during these difficult times. 

If you plan to attend Sunday please respond accordingly. This decision has not been taken lightly and we understand that some will disagree with the wisdom behind this, which is why we are offering multiple solutions. We want everyone to feel safe and served.

Finally, please continue to be the church. I pray that we never go back to normal in the sense that I want us to be a thriving church serving one another and those around us. Keep praying, keep, growing, keep shining, and Keep resting.